Lobstar Comics Issue1

Originally conceived as the Scottish-born artist Philip Colbert’s autobiography in graphic novel format, the story begins with a central protagonist, who embarks on a surreal journey that blurs the lines between reality and the metaphysical, in this mind-bending comic book. ‘I became an artist when I became a lobster!’ Colbert famously said. The story swiftly takes on a life of its own as the artist (played here by an actor) undergoes a surreal metamorphosis, evolving into the very creature that has become synonymous with his artistic identity, a lobster. In this transformation, he taps into the higher power of the lobster spirit! Through historical discoveries and technological breakthroughs, the story unfolds to reveal an advanced lobster race in the distant future. Engaging archaeology, AI, and robotics, this sci-fi adventure offers a glimpse into a new hyper pop world waiting to be explored.

£ 60.00 GBP
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